Pierce Mooney

Acoustical consultant in Orlando and President of Parsound Technologies.

"The Think & Grow Rich 2020 Virtual Mastermind Group was time well spent. I ended up getting more business, and getting more done in my professional and personal life than ever before."

Dwight Dillon

Broker/Owner - Lion Heart Realty

"In Dave’s What’s In It For Me - Personality Profile Training I learned a lot about myself, but more importantly I learned a lot about my kids, my family and people in general.

Dave’s training is concise and to the point. If you want to learn about and better yourself I highly recommend this workshop."

Jeannette Bolden

Olympic Athlete, Coach and Public Speaker

"I was really excited to attend this Unlocking the Millennial Code workshop. I learned a lot about myself, my personality including how to interact with my employees, my husband, my daughter and son who are both are Millennials.

It’s all about caring for people, how to relate to people and not just staying in your own environment. I learned a lot today, thank you Dave.”


John Arie Sr

Owner Fun Spot America

“This was one of the most fruitful Leadership & Motivation training sessions we’ve ever had. I loved the fact that the problem is the problem, not the people. People are to solve the problem. This was really great for us with lots of takeaways.”