You say you believe in GOD – Have you ever thought that God believes in YOU?

Hi, Dave Daggett here Chief Inspiration Officer at Dave Daggett Training Solutions Here to help you Discover your Purpose AND Recover your DREAM!

MOST of us realize we have something BIGGER than ourselves living INSIDE ourselves.

YOU know that feeling that there is something MORE
that you’d REALLY like to DO with your life,
more than what you are DOING right now? ↑

That FEELING is REALLY GOD’S desire to do more THROUGH you. It’s:
• Your DREAM
• Your Higher Calling or
• Your Purpose in Life

And the DREAM YOU’VE been given is a TRUST.
• Most of us have probably never thought of it that way
• But it’s TRUE. God believes in YOU

Can you imagine – God creates ADAM and tells him to name the animals. Adam says, “Well, what would YOU call them? GOD says, “I’m going to call them whatever YOU call them!
Trust Me, you can’t ’ mess this up!

Here’s where we get this wrong so many times when we think about HAVING a dream

We believe SOMEHOW WE’RE going to MESS it UP
BUT it’s a TRUST and you CAN’T mess it up ⌣ unless you GIVE it up

You say, “BUT I’ve given up on my dream so MANY times!”
Well – the GOOD news is – you and I get lots of DO-OVERS
Don’t be so HARD on yourself.
God isn’t going to have a bad day while you’re trying to figure this out as you GO
Just get STARTED it’ll be a big win for you AND for Him

• Will you make mistakes along the way? Of course!
• Will your mistakes mess (slowly) UP your dream?
• No – not unless you GIVE UP on your dream

When it comes to PURSUING your dream you’re free to try ANYTHING except give up. So – GET STARTED!

Say this – “I’ve been given a sacred TRUST – it’s the DREAM (pause) that lives and BREATHES in me.”

Dave Daggett here
Have a great day
Love you guys
See you soon

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